About Us

My Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Who We Are

My Solar Technology Co., Ltd. established in December 2010, is a member of MY Solar group, which is specializing in the desian, manufacture and sales of PV modules and correlative products


What We Do

Our management team is experienced and professional. Our core products - PV modules, are rational designed, excellent in workmanship, and have a stable performance, power range covers 3Wp-400Wp, are widely used in photovoltaic power stations, BIPV & BAPV, satellite communications, geological monitoring and forest fire prevention, etc. Our products are exported to Europe, America, Asia-Pacific and Africa.

MY Solar is a core supplier of many key large projects in China, and is also a supplier of photovoitaic modules and correlative products which is selected, trusted and recommended by many professional designing institutes.


What Clients Say?

"Mike, I have a new feeding regarding MY SOLAR. Now you have a much better team. Jessie and Johnson are very professional and competent. They understand the request and answer in time and assertively. Congratulations! Of course you are also very professional and understand your products and market a lot."— semih

“ I am very satisfied with my Solar, the way they deal with problems makes me feel great, it is a pleasure to work with them’ -Ali

With each shipment, My Solar takes every detail into consideration, saving me a lot of trouble, and expressing my appreciation for their professionalism -- John